Home Security

People employ various ways and means of enhancing their home security and wireless home security systems are often touted as one of the best ways of implementing home security say Locksmith Warrington. Other ways are – use of watchdog, use of wired camera security systems, joining a neighborhood watch group, use of alarm systems, sophisticated locks and a plethora of other security systems and measures (some of which are quite weird). There is none denying the fact that all these traditional home security measures are quite effective Say Locksmith Birkenhead. However, wireless home security systems seem to have an edge over these traditional home security measures.
The wireless security systems (e.g. Wireless camera security system) have 6 main advantages over their wired counterparts:

1.    Easy to install: The wireless home security systems are so easy to install that you can install them all by yourself. There is no need for getting outside help for installation/ configuration of a wireless security system. This is an advantage because in such a case only you would know the location of your wireless security cameras and the security codes etc. On the other hand, most wired security systems are quite a hassle owing to their inherent ëwire-fulí nature. Managing these wires is quite a task in itself and in tackling those wires, you often tend to lose focus from the actual task i.e. proper and intelligent installation of a home security system. With wireless home security systems, you just need to concentrate on your home security plan without worrying about where you would run the wires from etc etc.

2.    Install anywhere: Since wireless security systems forego the use of wires, you can install them anywhere you wish (as long as they are in the range of their controller). This really makes things very convenient. You can install the wireless home security cameras in the bushes, on the terrace or just about any point that you want to monitor. This is something that you would not be able to achieve with a wired security camera. Moreover, wireless home security also comes in camouflaged forms e.g. wireless home security cameras pre-fitted (or pre-hidden) in a lamp or a show piece etc.

3.    Flexibility (in altering your home security plan): With a wireless security system, you can easily alter your home security plan whenever you want e.g. the location of outdoor wireless security cameras can be easily changed in a hassle-free manner. On the contrary, a wired home security system would have you thinking about the wiring plan and the related hassle even before you can think of altering your home security plan.

4.    Cleaner look: One very distinctive advantage with wireless home security systems is that they are not at all messy. While a wired security system would have wires running all through your house (unless you want to compromise on your home security), a wireless security system (due to its inherent ëwirelessí nature) would give a much cleaner look and without any compromises on the security of your home.

5.    Extra safe: Wireless security can also be considered safer than the wired security. A wired security system can quickly become un-operational if the wires get severed either due to lack of maintenance or due to intentional tampering by burglars etc. However, wireless home security is difficult to tamper with in that sense (sophisticated thieves/burglars might still be able to tamper low-end wireless security systems using devices that disrupt the wireless signals).

6.    Ease of maintenance: A wired security system is as such bulky (since the wires used for a wired security system also form part of the security system). Maintaining a bulky system is generally tougher and needs much more effort than a simple, less bulky one. The wires might need replacements or re-anchoring or re-routing etc. In case you go for a home improvement, your wired security systems might get affected quite a bit. However, with wireless security all these problems are non existent and hence their maintenance is quite easy
Wireless security is often treated as the most apt answer to the home security concerns. However, the best thing to do is to use a combination of traditional home security techniques together with some of the wireless home security systems.


Using Light to Secure Your Home

Lights have long been known as a means of welcome family and guests by Locksmith Manchester. Sailors were often welcomed home by finding that those who loved them most left candles glowing in the windows. However, today we find lights a key partner in staving off a criminal element from invading our homes. It is remarkable how effective a well thought out lighting plan can be in securing personal property.

Confusion can be an ally in the security of your home say Locksmith Stockport. A simple electronic timer can be an effective means of convincing burglars that you are home. When lights turn on and off at various times, a burglar may come to believe that someone is in the home and entertain second thoughts about the viability of a robbery attempt. Timers can also be used to turn home entertainment centers on and off in your absence lending credibility to the belief that there is someone inside the home. These timers can be one of the most cost effective forms of the use of light to deter both budding as well as more experienced burglars.

Many homeowners have used dusk to dawn lighting as part of their home security plan say Locksmith Oldham. While this does provide a measure of protection it may do little to actually alert homeowners to any theft potential due to the lightís consistent glow throughout the night. Unless a neighbour sees the intruder or someone in your own home is awake to monitor events, robbers may simply approach the home in the same manner they might under the cover of darkness. Furthermore, a ëdusk to dawní system will also require more frequent bulb replacement as well as an increase in associated energy costs.

For the outside of your home we recommend an effective canvassing of your property with motion sensing lighting. In this set of circumstances, well placed lighting activates when movement is picked up by the lightís sensors. Lights should be strategically placed to cover all entrances to your home and should operate independent of any other lights in your home. If these lights are well positioned they can make it very difficult to for a burglar to slink onto your property without appropriate detection. This type of lighting can temporarily disorient the thief and provide you with an opportunity to get a good look at the offender without them being able to see you. It is important to remember that lights such as these should be placed out of arms reach. When this tip is not followed burglars realise the lights may be easily destroyed on a subsequent visit. Another satisfying feature of motion sensing lighting is its ability to operate using much less electricity than traditional dusk to dawn lighting.

Some homeowners have considered a unique blend of dusk to dawn lighting and motion sensing technology. In this scenario, outdoor lighting remains available consistently using low wattage. This can provide a warm glow to your property. When motion sensing technology detects movement the lights immediately switch to full illumination. The effect combines both an esthetically pleasing night time look to your home with an efficient theft deterrent.

Burglaries are an ongoing issue and homeowners can provide the most effective means of thwarting robbery attempts. Those who burgle are primarily males under 25 years of age. They are typically looking for easily portable items like jewelry, cash, guns and laptop computers that can easily be sold. While force of entry can and is used in many burglaries, the primary choice of a robber is easily accessed properties. Three of the best deterrents we know of are proper lighting, lack of ready accessibility to your home and home security systems or burglar alarms. When these three are combined, burglars are more than willing to avoid your home. You are no longer viewed as an easy target. Should your neighbourhood provide a united front by including these features in the majority of homes, you will discover a more secure atmosphere for your family.

We know that lighting alone can not prevent crime nor can it absolutely assure the ultimate safety of your family, but statistics prove that a well lit property is an effective crime deterrent and is regularly used as a primary component in comprehensive home security plans.